How do you design your own visual templates? How do you make meetings more fun and effective?

Are you stuck in designing your visual templates? This book helps you to get unstuck. You'll learn how to design your templates smarter, faster and better with the 9 step method. And with the inspiration of 99 examples.

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It's time to design your own visual templates

We all know the common used 'road to the horizon' templates. They work, but they also limit our creative design process, when designng your own templates. Thankfully you can follow 9 simple steps to design better templates.

  1. Start: Why are we doing this?
  2. Goals: What is the goal of the meeting & the visual template?
  3. Content: What are the essential ingredients?
  4. Design: What visual concept can we use?
  5. Delete: What can we delete from this concept?
  6. Concept: What are the must-have elements to draw?
  7. Test: Does it work?
  8. Final: How can we improve it?
  9. Done: How do we deliver it?

The book helps you to follow the steps and to design your own visual templates. To make meetings more fun, creative and faster.

About the author

Bas Bakker

Founder of de Betekenaar, a visual thinking agency in the Netherlands. Bachelor in Communication & multimedia design and Entrepreneur for 7 years. Started as interaction designer but changed to professional drawing in 2012 to communicate ideas more clearly for big companies. He struggled for a long time with designing visual templates, untill January 2016 when he turned around the design process. And now he wants to share it with you.

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